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Key Aspects

  • Biggest and Only Islamic Events held in both cities of Sydney and Melbourne
  • Events attracts people of Islamic and non-Islamic communities
  • More than 50,00 visitors attend every years CREF events 
  • Over 6 months pre-events promotional campaign using digital, social, online, electronic and print media carrying sponsors 
  • Promotional campaign reaching out to over a million people in Australia. 
  • CREF Events are great opportunities small to large businesses, professionals  and government agencies to promote their products & services
  • CREF Events are covered national media (like SBS Radio/TV, ABC Radio/TV, Channel 7) major ethnic media in New South Wales and Victoria
  • CREF events are designed and delivered by highly experienced working professionals of events managements, media and community services
  • CREF events have track record of success of especially for the last 10 years.
  • CREF events won awards from community organisations, local councils and state and the project director won harmony award from NSW Government on CREF achievements

The Festival is open for everyone, the management encourages international & national companies to small business owners and organisations to be a part of Chand Raat Eid Festival (CREF) & and receive tremendous benefits to promote their products & services to CREF marketing demographics.

CREF Management acknowledges sponsors as the partners of CREF. Due to the growing nature of the Festival the sponsors are not only involved in marketing & the promotional campaign but in the current and future planning of CREF. That is the reason most of the major sponsors of CREF have been with CREF for several years. CREF marketing material reaches the people not only throughout New South Wales but all over Australia and abroad.

CREF marketing & promotional campaign runs over 6 months reaching out to hundreds and thousands of people through print, electronic, online and social networks channels.


For further details and negotiation write an email on info@cref.com.au . 

If you would like to be a sponsor these great annual events; Please fill-in and submit expression of interest form, as given below,. One of our executives or the Director will contact you ASAP: